[mythtv-users] Arch Linux Packaging

Simon Jones sijones2010 at gmail.com
Fri Nov 11 08:07:10 UTC 2011

Thanks for the reply.

> Despite I'm wildly guessing - Your issue might be related to fact that
> PKGBUILD script tries to build sequentially 2 separate packages: base mythtv
> & mythtv plugins.
> As plugins can be successfully build only if build environment has installed
> ABI compatible mythtv libs - before plugins building You have to first
> install mythtv base libs.
> Practically this means before plugins build You have to install first - just
> build - first mythtv package.
> Simply install it and try again build plugins.

Yes it is failing because of the dep on the myth libs, and it's what
am trying to get around as am trying to have the pkgbuild script build
both myth and plugins in one but my worry is if I don't install myth I
will have plugins built against old libs and then fail to run.

> P.S this issue forced me to write my own PKGBUILD scripts....

Think this is what am trying to get to, but am not sure I can install
myth before carrying on with the plugins build? or do I set a make
dependency on myth in the script to install myth and then compile

After build and install on FE/BE machine the other FE will see the new
files and install, i'll write a script for that bit, it's this
pkgbuild am trying to get my head round!

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