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Warpme warpme at o2.pl
Thu Nov 10 22:28:15 UTC 2011

On 11/10/11 10:49 PM, Simon Jones wrote:
> Hi All,
> Am shortly going to move my systems over to Arch Linux as I like it a
> lot but before I do i want to get one issue sorted.
> Currently I've hacked together a pkgbuild script that i grabbed from
> elsewhere, this already grabs the git source and compiles but it
> doesn't work the way am wanting it to.
> If I run the makepkg etc it compiles mythtv but then fails to build
> the plugins because it says myths not installed and can't find the
> python bindings, maybe I just need to install it but am wondering if
> there is a better way that someone has written one that will compile
> myth and plugins at the same time, I then want this in a repo location
> so that the frontend clients can check for newer and install it etc.
> So the basic is, do I need to write a bash script to build myth
> install and then build the plugins or is there a nicer way? As I see
> this route creating multiples of the source code which i dont want...
> cheers,
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Log from failed build will be v.helpfull.
Despite I'm wildly guessing - Your issue might be related to fact that 
PKGBUILD script tries to build sequentially 2 separate packages: base 
mythtv & mythtv plugins.
As plugins can be successfully build only if build environment has 
installed ABI compatible mythtv libs - before plugins building You have 
to first install mythtv base libs.
Practically this means before plugins build You have to install first - 
just build - first mythtv package.
Simply install it and try again build plugins.

P.S this issue forced me to write my own PKGBUILD scripts....
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