[mythtv-users] AF9015 Dual tuner i2c write failures

Thomas Boehm mythtv-users at lists.boehmi.net
Thu Nov 10 11:42:03 UTC 2011

Tim Draper wrote:
> i also forgot to mention that i have the dvb-usb-af9015.fw firmware,
> 4.95.0 from
> http://www.otit.fi/~crope/v4l-dvb/af9015/af9015_firmware_cutter/firmware_files/,

I think that was the one I used to use and it worked in 10.04.

> and is placed in /lib/firmware. (should it be in lib64/firmware

/lib64 is a link to /lib on my system, so it doesn't matter ;-)

> instead/aswell, or somewhere else?) the datestamp of the 4.95.0 (2007)
> does imply the patch i've found is not included (patch seems to be
> around 2010 era)

I just downloaded the file and diff tells me that it is the same file
like the one in linux-firmware-nonfree.

Maybe it's a similar problem like the Nova-T 500 has? It doesn't like a
reboot. Can you try to power down your computer and switch it back on
and see whether you still get the messages? Maybe you also need to dis-
and reconnect the stick before switching the PC back on.

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