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On Sun, Nov 6, 2011 at 9:11 AM, Damian <myth at surr.co.uk> wrote:

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> > Subject: Re: [mythtv-users] Upgraded the Ubuntu 11.10 and not Myth
> >       can't connect to MySQL
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> > On Sat, Nov 5, 2011 at 9:09 AM, Robert Longbottom
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> >
> >> >  On 05/11/2011 11:45, Damian wrote:
> >>> >  >  :-)  Thanks Geoff, Bill and John for helping out.
> >> I've not been following this closely either, but it does look like
> >> mysql is dying so those logs will be important. On a different note,
> >> why did you upgrade to Mythbuntu 11.10? I'm genuinely interested in
> >> knowing. Was there something you were hoping it would fix? Were you
> >> trying to get a newer build of MythTV? Something else?
> > -- Thomas Mashos
> Hi Thomas,
> Interesting question. I've not really thought about it. Who doesn't want
> the latest version of anything? New versions are generally improvements
> on old. If I stuck with the verison of Ubuntu that I first started with,
> I wouldn't have things like Compiz (to impress visitors) or even the
> latest version of MythTV (via MythBuntu .. I'd have to compile it myself
> or something).
> In the capitalist world, latest versions of things usually come at a
> price. But in our incredible Open Source world, the latest bells and
> whistles are free! So why not?
> Obviously problems like this are the 'why not', but they are few and far
> between. I've upgraded to the latest version of Ubuntu about a month
> after each release for the last 3 years without a hitch.
> I can definately see the wisdom in "If it isn't broke, don't fix it".
> But I also like to see the latest advances. 'Unity' seems like a bit of
> a let down to me at the moment, but Compiz blew my mind! Why stick with
> the old?
> Damian
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People don't usually like to do massive distribution upgrades on something
that should function as an appliance (eg. A mythtv backend). The Mythbuntu
team provides updates for MythTV for older releases of Mythbuntu/Ubuntu
using http://mythbuntu.org/repos . You can even see what MythTV versions we
build for each release at http://mythbuntu.org/files/mythbuntu-repos.db .
The Mythbuntu developers also recommend LTS only and using -repos to keep
up to date (Unless you are experiencing issues that would only be resolved
with a distribution update). That is why we will be going to an LTS only
release schedule moving forward for ISO's (although we will continue to
build MythTV packages for the inbetween releases).

Thomas Mashos
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