[mythtv-users] Multiple Lineups / Live TV Channel Change

Michael T. Dean mtdean at thirdcontact.com
Thu Nov 3 16:50:03 UTC 2011

On 11/03/2011 12:32 PM, Scott and Nicole Harris wrote:
>> And this is being done because of your completely broken configuration
>> that staggers inputs.
>> You need to do a Delete all capture cards (not Delete all capture cards
>> on<hostname>) and fix them.
> I assume you mean by "not Delete all capture cards on<hostname>" go in to each backend ->  backend setup ->  capture cards and use the delete all function?

There are 2 buttons...  One is "Delete all capture cards"  the other is 
"Delete all capture cards on <hostname>", where <hostname> is the 
current system's host name.  You need to use "Delete all capture cards" 
to delete all cards from all hosts (meaning it only needs to be done once).

>     No problem, not the first time' I've had to do that.  I'll delete them all and recreate them, leaving them defaulted to two tuners.  One question though, as the one OTA HDHR unit is only used with Live TV (I always set my recordings to use cable), is there any specific order I want to enter it in? 		 	   		

Read the post I linked ( 
http://www.gossamer-threads.com/lists/mythtv/users/476732#476732 ).  In 
simplest terms, when you enable, "Avoid conflicts between Live TV and 
scheduled shows," the order you add capture cards is the reverse of the 
order the cards are used for Live TV.  Regardless of settings, as long 
as you don't specify (evil) input priorities, the order you connect 
inputs is the order they are used for recordings.  The key to the linked 
post is that they do /not/ have to be the same order (you can add cards 
in one order, then connect their inputs in a different order).

So, if you're trying to use the hack that prioritizes Live TV over 
recordings, you would create your capture cards in the opposite order 
you want them used for Live TV (i.e. with the 
least-preferred-for-Live-TV card created first and the 
most-preferred-for-Live-TV card created last).  Then, you would go 
through and connect inputs in the order you want those inputs used for 
recordings and change the default of 2 virtual tuners to 4 for each 
(digital/multirec-capable) input as you connect them.  Then, when you've 
connected all the inputs, you would go back in and change the  4 virtual 
tuners to 5 to create a "Live TV" tuner.

So, if you want the OTA video source/HDHR used for Live TV, you'd create 
its capture cards last (making it most-preferred for Live TV).  However, 
you'd also connect its inputs last (making it least-preferred for 
recordings).  And, in truth, with this desired setup, you're best off 
not adding a "Live TV" tuner in the end--because you don't need it.  
Just set up all your cards with X virtual tuners when you initially 
connect inputs and don't add the additional one later.

Note, though, that in doing this, you are prioritizing Live TV over 
recordings and you may well miss recordings if you ever watch Live TV.  
This is true even though MythTV pops up a dialog box saying the tuner 
you're using for Live TV is required for a recording (because your use 
of the physical tuner associated with the virtual tuner for Live TV has 
locked it to a multiplex, which has affected placement of other 
recordings, which means that MythTV was not able to choose the 
most-efficient use of physical tuners for the recordings).


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