[mythtv-users] Multiple Lineups / Live TV Channel Change

Scott and Nicole Harris snharris99 at live.com
Thu Nov 3 16:32:23 UTC 2011

> And this is being done because of your completely broken configuration
> that staggers inputs.
> You need to do a Delete all capture cards (not Delete all capture cards
> on <hostname>) and fix them.
> Mike

I assume you mean by "not Delete all capture cards on <hostname>" go in to each backend -> backend setup -> capture cards and use the delete all function?  No problem, not the first time' I've had to do that.  I'll delete them all and recreate them, leaving them defaulted to two tuners.  One question though, as the one OTA HDHR unit is only used with Live TV (I always set my recordings to use cable), is there any specific order I want to enter it in? 		 	   		  

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