[mythtv-users] Some analog cable channels are wrong in listings

Robert Kulagowski rkulagow at gmail.com
Tue Nov 1 17:38:25 UTC 2011

On Sun, Oct 30, 2011 at 9:22 AM, F.B. Parker <fbp.mythtv at gmail.com> wrote:
> On a MythTV 0.24, Mythbuntu 10.10 system, all up-to-date, analog and digital
> cable, US:
> I've recently noticed that some of my analog cable channels (which I record
> with a PVR-150) are wrong. E.g.: MTV shows up in the Mythweb listings as
> channel 16. However channel 16 on my cable is actually CNN. Channel 16 shows
> up as CNN in both schedulesdirect.com and on my cableco STB. MTV is actually
> channel 65 on my cable system. I've gone through and done channel scan in
> the backend setup and I've done mythfilldatabase, and still the same
> problem.

Don't channel scan an analog cable TV feed that you're recording with
a PVR.  Once you've configured the lineup, you'd run a "fetch from
listings source" action to pull the correct mappings.

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