[mythtv-users] Tuning problems with MythTV scanner

Andre mythtv-list at dinkum.org.uk
Tue Nov 1 16:53:48 UTC 2011

I'm having a strange problem with failed recordings which seems to be related to how the mythtv scanner interacts with my DVBS2 cards.

I have a Satix S2 V2 dual DVBS2 card in the master backend and a Hauppauge HD-S2 single DVBS2 card in a slave backend, running 0.24 latest on Ubuntu 10.04 LTS from JYA's Ubuntu repo, only oddity is master backend is 64bit (for the DB) and the slave is 32bit (for better Nvidia driver reliabliity).

I'm in the UK using Astra 2 at 28E, all three tuners use the same source.

If I run a scan from the master backend (full tuned or rescan existing muxes) I can tune everything successfully on the master backend but if I try to tune BBC [1] HD on the slave backend it fails to tune and I get 0B recordings, all other channels tune successfully on the slave backend.

If I then run a scan on the slave backend I can then tune BBC HD channels on either the slave or master backends and recordings are fine. now if I try to tune CH4 HD on the Master backend I get a failed recording 0B, if I then re-scan just the CH4 HD mux from the master backend then I can record all channels from all tuners.

This is how I've been running since BBC HD moved to DVBS2 and Ch4HD started FTA on Eurobird 1.

Today I scanned to pick up CH4HD on Astra 1N and I'm seeing a similar problem, to BBC HD, I have to scan with the slave tuner to be able to tune the CH4HD test transmission on Astra 1N.

The only difference I can see in the database is that when I use the slave to tune (HD-S2 card) dtv_multiplex contains a value for fec when I scan from the master (Satix S2) the fec field contains auto, the real CH4HD mux doesn't look any different between the two.

I'm suspecting this is all to do with subtly differing capabilities of the three tuners, wrt auto fec and maybe auto inversion? Is there any way to tell myth to never auto fec?

There was a long thread about problems tuning BBC HD when they switched to DVBS2 so I suspect this is a subtle variation of those problems, which never really seemed to get resolved.

Anyone know what's going on here?


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