[mythtv-users] new HDMI cable give no display

Ramon Hofer ramonhofer at bluewin.ch
Tue May 24 19:41:26 UTC 2011

On 05/24/2011 06:40 PM, Tim Draper wrote:
> On 24 May 2011 17:21, Ken Truesdale <kat at tiac.net 
> <mailto:kat at tiac.net>> wrote:
>     On May 24, 2011, at 12:07 PM, Tim Draper wrote:
>     > upto now i've been using an unknown HDMI cable (came with sky+HD
>     box, which i've now sold). i've had to buy a new HDMI cable  to go
>     with my mythtv setup.
>     > the local shop had 2 types, so i went for the more expensive
>     HDMI 1.4 specced cable.
>     >
>     > now when mythtv boots, i either get no display (with the tv
>     switching between wide and 16:9 ratio), or a load of snow over the
>     screen (like an untuned analogue tv signal).
>     > i reboot the mythtv pc, and it shows a picture fine at bios
>     level, just not once mythbuntu starts booting.
>     >
>     > i've been able to get into mythbuntu 'safe mode', enter safe
>     graphics mode, and re-configure the display. reboot as requested,
>     but still no display once mythbuntu starts to load.
>     >
>     > annoying.
>     > but whats even more annoying, is the cable works perfect with my
>     HDMI laptop (intel HD graphics) at 1080p.
>     > since i bought 2 of the same cable, i try both; they both
>     exhibit the same issue with mythbuntu.
>     >
>     > mythbuntu setup:
>     > nvidia 210 gfx
>     > mythbuntu 0.24
>     >
>     > any ideas how i can fix this? i know it's a bit overkill, but i
>     COULD rebuild it from scratch if it came to it. i'm not very good
>     with linux - i can get my way around and usually understand what
>     im doing when i follow a guide, but not actually diagnosing issues.
>     >
>     > oh, SSH and VNC works fine and mythtv seems to be fully working
>     (hdd activity when i use the controller to go around the menus),
>     just im getting no display..
>     So MythTV used to work with your TV with the old cable and doesn't
>     with the new cable?  Is it possible that the old cable wasn't
>     setting up a good connection to the Myth box and the video display
>     was taking a guess.  Now you can get a good EDID through the new
>     cable and your Myth box doesn't have the right drivers?  If so,
>     then it is just a matter of debugging why your Myth box doesn't
>     like your TV now that it knows what it is.
>     The alternative is that the cable isn't working with your setup
>     which seems easy enough to check by returning one of the two
>     cables you got and trying the other kind that was offered.
> god knows what the issue is; these new cables dont seem to like the 
> mythtv pc. work fine with everything else, and other cables work fine 
> with mythtv.
> i think i'll swap cables around to get a working setup for tonight, 
> and see what they can do for replacement tomorrow..
> i think i might look at upgrading to 11.04/0.24.1 next week and see if 
> i suffer the same issues.
> thanks for the sugestions..

I had a similar problem: no problem with a DVI to HDMI adapter and a 
short cable. But when I changed the short cable with a longer one there 
was no picture.
When I connected my Nvidia card with the adapter and the short cable to 
the audio amplifier (Yamaha) and from there to the TV (Sony) I had no 

I suppose the signal from the PC was just too weak.

Best regards

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