[mythtv-users] SL6/MythTV

Ben Kamen bkamen at benjammin.net
Sun May 1 20:00:00 UTC 2011

So that was reasonably painless.

Thankfully, this install is completely expendable to experimentation, as all my other Myth system is still up and running.

Thanks to all for the little needed tips. The MythWiki is pretty close -- Oh, and at the bottom of this page:


An author linked to a RHEL6 install guide (http://www.witchspace.net/witchspace/page/computer/rhel6-family-server) which is on google and seems to require a google login. (someone please correct me)

  That's kind of annoying. I don't have a google account. Why not just attach a .DOCX file to the wiki instead?
(tongue in cheek)

Moving on, I'll probably experiment with this system more before starting back from scratch (if I need) and then moving forward.
I think on of the last bummers of Linux I still see (vs when I used to run AIX) is that one could RAID1 a root volumegroup
AFTER installing a system and getting it up and running -- where I still don't see as easy a transition for Linux yet. (unless I'm missing something)
If I was to RAID1 the boot volume, it seemingly still needs to be done at install time.

In any case.. I planned on having a root_vg of RAID1 (small drives) and the other 6 in the cabinet set up for RAID6
using 1TB WD's since this system will also be my new network-all-in-one server. I'm curious if anyone has any favorite setup configs they'd want to share. (and if RAID6 is worth it with 1TB mechanisms)

Cheers and thanks,


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