[mythtv-users] Graphics Card In A Server Machine

Mike Perkins mikep at randomtraveller.org.uk
Tue Mar 22 16:26:19 UTC 2011

On 22/03/11 16:12, MH Acct wrote:
> This should be a quick yes or no answer (hopefully).  I am setting up a
> server which will purely be a backend machine and will not have a monitor or
> TV hooked up to it - it will be used to stream content over the network to my
> laptops.  It's got a basic on-board graphics card, but would it benefit from
> having an additional graphics card in it?  I thought I had read somewhere
> that more powerful graphics cards can be used with MythTV to help take some
> strain off the main processor, but is that only in the case where the unit is
> being used as a client, too, or can extra graphics cards help with either
> processing the input streams from a tuner card, or with processing streams
> being fired across the network to clients? Thanks MH
Nope. Don't need anything special in such a backend. You don't even need to run 
X on it. I do all my administration from another box using ssh -Y <hostname>. 
The video card in it is an old matrox one dated 1998, used just for the initial 


Mike Perkins

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