[mythtv-users] Any advantage going to 64 bit?

Newbury newbury at mandamus.org
Sun Mar 13 03:38:52 UTC 2011

On 2011-03-12, at 20:12, Dale Pontius <DEPontius at edgehp.net> wrote:

> On 03/11/11 14:29, Gabe Rubin wrote:
>> Thanks for all the feedback.  It looks like migrating to 64 bit, while
>> feasible, would be a major PITA (hope I got that acronym right) and I
>> would not see any advantage, and potentially disadvantages with things
>> such as flash.  If I rebuild this system (hopefully I don't have to)
>> or build a new system, I will do it as a 64 bit system, but there is
>> no good reason for me to just "upgrade" the kernel to a 64 bit one and
>> hope I can upgrade everything else painlessly.
> I'm late to the thread, but that would be my advice, as well.  Unless
> you need it, and know you need it, 64-bit is generally a wash.  If
> you've got gobs (>4G) of DRAM or do other things that need 64-bit, but
> can be done more slowly in 32-bit, you're probably already running
> 64-bit.  At work I'm in silicon CAD, and I absolutely need 64-bit.  At
> home I don't.
> But at home I run 64-bit anyway, for 2 reasons.  First, because I can,
> and I'm a little geeky about my hardware.  Second, and here is the
> potentially compelling reason for anyone to go 64-bit whenever you need
> to do a new install:
> These days the developers generally run 64-bit.
> Not universally, but generally they're running 64-bit.  If you run it,
> you're closer to their platform.  The stuff is also generally compiled
> for 32-bit also, but to some extent that's now a "port."  I prefer to
> stay closer to the developers, in that respect.
> Dale Pontiu

At present the ONLY things causing any sort of problem on 64bit are Flash and Googleearth. I have neither on my mythbox anyway.
The latest 64bit libflashplayer has an audio problem. The workaround is to use the 32 bit version with nspluginwrapper. 
I've had problems with Googleearth for years. I think it doesn't like me. Haven't actually tried it since I changed to 64 bit about 18 months ago, that is, back in the Cretaceous.
Whether it is a pure mythbox or not the only differences you will notice are good ones. 
But you MUST do a clean install. Save /home and /var/lib/mysql plus /etc for all the settings you haven't written down elsewhere and scrub the rest.
Note this is a good time to play with your partitioning, add a BIG video drive etc.

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