[mythtv-users] Merge of OSD and Main themes causes WAF to Plummet

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You’re right, it doesn’t take an “expert” to use a text editor or change some piece of text and “see what happens”, but as someone with limited time on their hands (with work, family, other stuff) poking through the theme to “see what happens” doesn’t cut it 


As an engineer, there’s very little that makes my skin crawl more than relying on the “just change something and see what happens” method of development. . I’ll admit that when learning a new programming language I will sometimes employ that method, but it’s RARELY the best way to go about it.


Also, maybe I’m looking at different theme creation documentation than you are, but I haven’t come across anything really useful yet – if you know of a link to something more complete, please post it? 


As a programmer and professional project manager myself, I know there has to be a “better” way.  It may take a little more time on the developers or theme designers side to make it “better” (and as I’ve said before, I’d be happy to contribute in any way I am able) but I think in the long run a little planning and structure will make the whole thing more useful to everyone at very little cost in flexibility and freedom. 


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As the person who started this diversion.. I feel obliged to jump in again..
It's pretty obvious to me by the amount of churn here that there is
something to this issue as it is affecting more than just me. I'm noticing a
few things that are catching my attention.   What's needed are a few things:
... (and for those poised to jump all over me for tossing out ideas without
being able to back them up by contributing code... YES, I do understand that
this would take time and effort by the theme builders and/or developers..
believe me.. I DO, and if possible I'll be happy to help out in some way as
time permits)
These are purely theoretical ideas for those with an open mind to toss
1)  An efficient "novice friendly" way to adjust certain characteristics in
a theme.  Not a way to fully rewrite or corrupt the theme designer's
efforts, or the integrity of the theme itself, but a way to make the theme
more useful on a purely practical level. 
I'm no XML or Theme expert.. but spending a couple hours over the last week
attempting (unsuccessfully I might add) to find a way to adjust the number
of rows and columns in the Videos Gallery view demonstrates that it's not as
simple as "just open the XML file and make a couple adjustments" to do it. 
Barring the creation of a graphical wysiwyg theme editor which is a
practical improbability.. How about some structure within the theme that
allows for simple/small adjustments.  This could be as simple as thorough
commenting the theme XML file(s) to show where things are and are not
adjustable or as complex as a set of commented, standardized presets in the
beginning of the XML file that could be "single point of adjustment" to
affect certain items across the theme.

Regarding the first point here:

You really don't need to be an "expert" to use notepad :-) The documentation on the web for the theme development is sufficent for the basics the rest is really change and see what happens.

One does NOT need a graphical theme editor to modify an existing theme. The modifications and seeing what has changed is so easy:

1) Have the frontend running and start the mythvideo plugin

2) Make the change in the video-ui.xml

3) Leave the mythvideo plugin and start it again (back and enter :-) )

4) voila, you see you change! If not then select undo the change in step 2)

Like this you can edit or modify a theme really fast an you see instantly what change has what effect to the theme.



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