[mythtv-users] Merge of OSD and Main themes causes WAF to Plummet

f-myth-users at media.mit.edu f-myth-users at media.mit.edu
Thu Mar 3 19:59:30 UTC 2011

[Wading in here with great trepidation...]

Perhaps, since missing fonts cause so many bug reports about
incorrect-looking themes, and since it's been policy that theme
writers may use whatever font they wish even if it can't actually be
redistributed with the theme---there needs to be some way -on screen-
for the user of that theme to know that it's not getting the fonts it
wants.  Unfortunately, not everyone looks in their logs first.

A big red border would be hard to miss but engender the same
questions---and screw up the theme even if the user is willing
to live with the wrong metrics.

Maybe some sort of diagnostic flash screen before the first screen
of the theme displays?  Either timed out or popped down via a mouse
gesture.  (And if you want it to go away, you rename your font to the
desired one and hence lie to the theme.  I'd suggest a "don't warn me
about fonts" option instead, but I know the chances of adding an
option are low.)

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