[mythtv-users] How is this pricing possible?

Bobby Gill bobbygill at rogers.com
Tue Mar 1 19:45:36 UTC 2011

> I would still get them. Right now my recommendations are Hitachi
 drives or any current generation SATA drive that is not made by
> Seagate.
> Backup all important / irreplaceable data and monitor the SMART raw data
> http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/S.M.A.R.T.
> Keep an eye on
> 05 - Reallocated Sectors Count
> This value can be > 0 but if grows daily that is a sure sign the drive
> is having problems.
> 196 - Reallocation Event Count
> 197 - Current Pending Sector Count
> 198 - Uncorrectable Sector Count
> The three above parameters should normally all be 0. However sometimes
> I have seen new drives have some values in these if you read a sector
> that was never written. A full format or writing to every sector
> corrects this.
> 199- UltraDMA CRC Error Count
> This is a sign of a cabling or SATA failure. You want this number to
> be 0 but under 100 probably is not too bad over a drives 5 year
> lifespan.
> On top of all of this all drives have a URE rate which is on the order
> of every 20 or so TB of data read from the drive 1 sector will be
> unreadable.
> John

Thanks for the info! Just checking on my laptop, here is my smartctl
results: http://pastebin.com/mBNmv05r

I am just confused as to whether I should be checking the results of the
column VALUE (4th to the left) or the very last column, RAW_VALUE? I am
setting up a RAID array in the coming weeks for the first time so knowing
what to pay attention to for HD health is sure timely, thanks for your help.

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