[mythtv-users] OT: Buying a new TV - Sharp Quattron or 3D?

Kingsley Turner krt at krt.com.au
Fri Jun 3 20:29:35 UTC 2011


I've been thinking about getting a new TV, and have been cogitating about it 
for about 18 months.

I had decided to get a Sharp "Quattron", and actually got to the point of 
looking at one in a shop last night.   However the sales dude pointed out 
that while he thought it had the "best display", it did not do the 3D 
thing.  Doing some more research, it seems that he was correct.  The 
Quattrons do not do 3D unless you look at the 60" model.  But there-in lies 
the problem.  The 60" model in Australia still has a $6000 price tag for the 
LC-60LE925X (whereas on www.sharpusa.com the LC-60LE835U is $2800).

Does anyone have a Quattron?  I am hoping to get decent skin-tone colour 

Anyway, to my point.  I can't afford $6k for a TV, nor would I pay that much 
anyway (at $2800 they might have had me).  Is 3D TV that much of a 
must-have?   To be honest I'm not really so impressed with this "new" 3D - 
watching the 3D movies is only OK for me (went to see "Tangled" with the 
kids), and only looked at 3D-TV demos in the shops.  But then again, more 
and more 3D content is coming out, and for a 10-year investment I don't want 
to be left out if everything becomes 3D.

Lots of people I know have Sony Bravias, but I'm still mostly boycotting 
Sony over the rootkit audio CD thing.

Any sage advice?


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