[mythtv-users] Help understand the interface of Myth Media & Video Gallery

John Pilkington J.Pilk at tesco.net
Sat Jan 29 11:33:35 UTC 2011

On 29/01/11 10:34, Anthony Rooney wrote:
> Hi
> When I enter /media/Store/Recordings the interface saves it as
> /media/Store/Recordings/ with the added forward slash???
> When I try to exit Myth Backend I get the message the Path
> /media/Store/Recordings/ does not exist do you want to go back and fix?
> Now how do I fix this path when it is perfectly valid?  It is exactly as it
> is seen in PLACES.  I have no browse interface so All I can do is enter a
> string but no one can tell me how to do this.
> I do not have a permission error as far as I know but perhaps that is
> another problem waiting for me if I can ever enter a path entered into the
> system that it can accept.

I'm afraid I have no idea what 'PLACES' is.  Is it a file browser?  Can 
you examine 'properties' of this folder and read its permissions?  I can 
do this in Fedora/KDE and, although this is usually frowned on, I can 
set the permissions graphically if need be by becoming root.

Can you move one of your recordings into that folder using either mv or 
the system file manager?  If you can, and storage groups are set up 
right, you should be able to play it; that would be quicker than seeing 
if you could record to it.

It looks as if you have been using mythtvsetup again.  Had you stopped 
mythbackend and mythfrontend first, and did you exit appropriately from 
each screen that you used, and not just quit?

When you entered the folder name did it have extra space(s) that don't 
show above?

If you've been doing all this them I'm baffled - not at all unusual. 
But AFAIK most people do get it to work and raging about it won't help.

Good luck,

John P

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