[mythtv-users] Fresh Mythbuntu install, does not get bast boot screen

Dave M G martin at autotelic.com
Tue Jan 25 05:40:30 UTC 2011

MythTV Users,

(Cross posted to Mythbuntu forums on the ubuntuforums.org)

I have just downloaded and installed Mythbuntu 10.10 on a machine that
had previously been running Mythbuntu for years. So I know the hardware
can and should work in principle.

I needed a clean install because I had altered so many settings over the
years that the machine had some odd configurations and broken features.
Time for a fresh start.

It is an older machine, and it has some kind of Nvidia video card,
though I'm not sure how to query it in order to find out which one, if
this is important.

The install process went very smoothly. Not a single error or pause. It
seemed to detect all hardware.

On first boot, it got to the purple screen with the white "Mythbuntu"
text and the five dots that alternate between white and orange to
indicate progress.

Then it stops. The dots are all white, and the screen does not change. I
can wait forever and nothing changes.

If I press CTRL+ALT+DELETE I can reboot. When I reboot, if I choose one
of the "safe mode" options in Grub, I can eventually get to a command

That, however, is all I have figured out to do at this point.

What else can I try to get it to work?

Thank you for any advice.

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