[mythtv-users] Status of MythExport on MythTV 0.24?

Raymond Wagner raymond at wagnerrp.com
Sat Jan 22 03:14:43 UTC 2011

On 1/21/2011 17:33, Eric Sharkey wrote:
> Is anyone using MythExport on 0.24?
> According to the MythTV wiki, it doesn't work:
> http://mythtv.org/wiki/Unofficial_Plugins
> (as of Aug 6, 2010, according to Wagnerrp) but there are packages
> built on 2010-10-04 which don't seem to list a supported mythtv
> version, as far as I can see, so I'm wondering if the wiki is out of
> date.

When 0.24 was branched for release, I added a new 0.24 tag, and assumed 
nothing worked with 0.24.  Being unofficial, there is by definition no 
guarantee that it will continue to work with the new release.  They will 
remain marked as not working until the developer, or someone who uses 
it, marks it as functional.

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