[mythtv-users] Logitech Harmony 300 lircd.conf anyone?

R. G. Newbury newbury at mandamus.org
Mon Jan 3 16:09:49 UTC 2011

On 01/03/2011 07:14 AM, Martin Moores wrote:
> Hey all,
> Just got a Harmony 300, going to have a play today to get it setup with
> mythtv.  Have had a look around, but can't see a lircd.conf file for it on
> the lirc website/wiki/mailing lists.  So will set about making one if one
> doesn't already exist.  Would be nice to understand the remote side of
> things better!

It actually depends on what IR hardware you are using. There are 2 
general types: those which receive and pass along raw codes, and those 
which receive and can decode the IR, passing along key-codes, as if the 
receiver were a keyboard.

With an imon or mce receiver, you can use the devinput conf file as the 
new kernel modules produce key-codes. MCE units can also operate in 
'raw' mode, using a different module.

With a devinput-compliant module, mapping the devinput keys to what you 
want myth (or xine, or mplayer) to do, is taken care of in lircrc.

If you already have a remote set up, then the tricky bit is using the 
Logitech website to map keys on the remote to the key-press actions 
which the site lists....So you will have to decide which physical key to 
use for which action, and that is up to you.
( I have not tried the concordance linux software which is supposed to 
be an all linux replacement for the logitech online setup system.)

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