[mythtv-users] Problem with parental level on 2nd frontend

raptor jr raptorjr at hotmail.com
Thu Feb 24 07:21:46 UTC 2011

(Sorry, posted to the wrong list in my first email.)

FINALLY!!! I found the setting. There was one setting that was not identical on both computers. And i dont know if it is the themes fault or if the text is from within myth, because these settings is completely illogical.
The settings is in the "Metadata Settings"
The first one is called "Enable metadata in file browse mode", that sounds ok. I'm using browse mode because i want to use the folder structure i have for my movies. And i also want to use metadata for my movies to show the descripton, and fanart and such. But wait, lets read the comment for that setting "If set, all files below the MythVideo directory will be displayed unless their extension is explicitly set to be ignored." What?!? What is right, the setting or the comment?
And then the next setting "Trailers to Play", and the comment: "If set along with Browse Files, this will cause the Video List to load any known video metadata from the database." Again, what?!?! Has nothing to do with the option "Trailers to play", what setting is enabled?
Anyway, i dont know if this is a bug in the theme or myth. But if i enable these two settings the behaviour is as expected. But, i think the setting is a little stupid. I do understand a setting to disable the fetching of metadata because it could be slow. But to ignore the parental levels seems wrong just because someone dont want to use the metadata. The parental levels should always be obeyed independent from the use of metadata or not.
After further investigation it seems to be a theme issue. But not any theme i have tried works as it should(Arclight 1.1 didn't display the settings popup at all). Yes, most of the themes got the two settings above right. But none of the themes allow to specify a number for how many trailers should be played if the Random Trailer Playback is enabled.
Blue Abstract atleast have that text "Trailers to play", although it is not possible to select a number, only on and off, and that setting really controls the use of metadata.
Well, it was a simple solution. The theme confused me, and that the use of metadata or not also controlled the use of parental level or not. Not how i would have designed it if i was a developer, but i guess it is by design. Maybe they should add a note that disable that setting also disables the use of parental level?
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