[mythtv-users] "This recording is currently in use by: mythpreviewgen" niggle

John Veness John.Veness.mythtv at pelago.org.uk
Thu Feb 17 10:03:23 UTC 2011

Since 0.24, sometimes if I exit playback of a recording then try to 
delete the recording immediately, I get the message:

Cannot delete
This recording is currently in use by: mythpreviewgen

If I then press OK and delete again, the second deletion works.

Because I have my system setup to add a bookmark on exiting playback (so 
I can resume from where I left off) and because it generates a preview 
at the bookmark location, I guess mythpreviewgen is busy with the 
recording for a couple of seconds after exiting playback.

The relevant change in 0.24 was, I believe, that the preview generation 
code was moved out of mythbackend and into a separate process called 
mythpreviewgen. When mythbackend was generating previews, I don't recall 
ever seeing a similar error message when trying to delete a recording 
very soon after existing playback.

Although I agree it was a good move to put the preview generation code 
in a separate executable, this error message is a small niggle, a speed 
bump, or a "paper cut". I.e. it's not a big deal, but fixing it would be 

Is there any chance to change the code such that deleting will still 
work even if a preview is being generated? For example, by sending a 
message to the preview generation process to stop generating a preview, 
or to silently wait for preview generation to finish before deleting the 



John Veness, MythTV user, UK, DVB-T

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