[mythtv-users] Best way to auto Transcode MPEG2 SD to save storage space

Chris Lewis chrislewis915 at gmail.com
Sat Dec 31 00:55:09 UTC 2011


Can anyone enlighten me on the best strategy to automatically transcode
recordings (UK DVB-T) into something more efficient than MPEG2?

My hardware is a P4 dual core 3GHz thing with a GT430 card that will do
VDPAU.  Basically in looking for something to run as a user job to
transcode to some other format (mpeg4/h264 I dont know which) to save

I would also much prefer it if the recording was still available in the
normal "Media Library | Watch Recordings" area as i have only just trained
the girlfriend how to use the box and dont fancy trying it again.  WAF is
high on my list of priorities!

Also if it could be forced to only run between say midnight and 8am Mon-Fri
that would be very helpful.


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