[mythtv-users] Help finding channel frequency

Raymond Norton admin at lctn.org
Wed Dec 28 19:32:05 UTC 2011

> Pretty sure you're going to need to use the scan or dvbscan to create a
> channels.conf that that can be used with czap/szap/tzap/azap to tune the
> channel (or, maybe VLC can use channels.conf directly).
> http://www.linuxtv.org/wiki/index.php/LinuxTV_dvb-apps

Thanks. I had already installed dvb-apps, hoping to find the info I was 
looking for . I ran the following command:

"scan us-Cable-IRC-center-frequencies-QAM256 > mychannels.conf", but 
only got a couple channels that worked out of what was produced in 
mychannels.conf. (Dvbscan complained about not being able to open the 

It produced 387 lines of frequency info, like the following:


I used Me-TV to import the conf file, but unfortunately it only gave me 
2 or 3 usable channels out of the 387 lines. I used us-Cable-IRC when 
scanning for channels via myth and ended up with many more channels, 
from 51-1 through 114-9, but didn't get any of those channels when 
scanning with dvb-apps (scan).

Any idea what I need to do to find those frequencies for channels 51-1 - 

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