[mythtv-users] TV Tuners, backend PC, etc

Michael T. Dean mtdean at thirdcontact.com
Sat Dec 24 21:40:16 UTC 2011

On 12/24/2011 11:09 AM, Wim wrote:
> Op 23-12-2011 20:36, Simon Hobson schreef:
>> Michael T. Dean wrote:
>>>>>    AIUI, when a user selects Live TV, the system will pick a tuner for
>>>>>    them to use. At this point, the user can only select channels
>>>>>    available on that tuner. If they want channels from another tuner,
>>>>>    then they must manually switch card and then select a channel.
>>>>>    Ie, you CANNOT just select a channel number and have the system
>>>>>    select a tuner that can provide it and is free.
>>>>    When I'm watching live TV on a QAM tuner and select a channel that is only
>>>>    available on one of my firewire tuners, Myth automatically switches tuners
>>>>    for me.
>>> Yes.  What Simon says only holds true if a) you're using digital capture
>>> on a multi-rec tuner and b) someone else (either a recording or other
>>> Live TV instance) has locked the physical tuner on a multiplex, thereby
>>> trapping you since you don't have a "real" (physical) tuner for Live TV.
>> So, you are saying that if I have (say) a DVB-T tuner and a DVB-S
>> tuner, with different channels available on each (with some overlap),
>> I can go into live TV, select a channel, and Myth will switch between
>> tuners as required ? So I could keep pressing next-channel - and
>> could be flipping between the tuners all the time.
>> That's a very significant change from what I've been led to belive in the past.
> Yes that would be great.
> How do I set this up.
> I have one dvb-s2 card connected to a disch aimed ad astra 28.2 and
> I have one dvb-s2 card connected to a disch aimed ad astra 19.2
> How do I achieve that i can brows all channels.

You guys are talking about different things.

Users can select any channel they want (in the EPG or by keying in a 
channel number).

Browsing channels in OSD Browse Mode, however, is something entirely 

That said, there are a few settings that you can play with that will 
give some semblance of browse across tuners, at least at some times 
(possibly not around program change time), but will also slow down browsing.

I'll leave it to you all to find those settings and find their 
limitations, since I don't know my Live TV.


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