[mythtv-users] TV Tuners, backend PC, etc

Wim w.f.mythbuster at gmail.com
Sat Dec 24 16:09:08 UTC 2011

Op 23-12-2011 20:36, Simon Hobson schreef:
> Michael T. Dean wrote:
>>   >>  AIUI, when a user selects Live TV, the system will pick a tuner for
>>>>   them to use. At this point, the user can only select channels
>>>>   available on that tuner. If they want channels from another tuner,
>>>>   then they must manually switch card and then select a channel.
>>>>   Ie, you CANNOT just select a channel number and have the system
>>   >>  select a tuner that can provide it and is free.
>>   >  When I'm watching live TV on a QAM tuner and select a channel that is only
>>>   available on one of my firewire tuners, Myth automatically switches tuners
>>   >  for me.
>> Yes.  What Simon says only holds true if a) you're using digital capture
>> on a multi-rec tuner and b) someone else (either a recording or other
>> Live TV instance) has locked the physical tuner on a multiplex, thereby
>> trapping you since you don't have a "real" (physical) tuner for Live TV.
> So, you are saying that if I have (say) a DVB-T tuner and a DVB-S
> tuner, with different channels available on each (with some overlap),
> I can go into live TV, select a channel, and Myth will switch between
> tuners as required ? So I could keep pressing next-channel - and
> could be flipping between the tuners all the time.
> That's a very significant change from what I've been led to belive in the past.
Yes that would be great.
How do I set this up.
I have one dvb-s2 card connected to a disch aimed ad astra 28.2 and
I have one dvb-s2 card connected to a disch aimed ad astra 19.2

How do I achieve that i can brows all channels.


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