[mythtv-users] Suppliment Tivo with MythTV?

Scott and Nicole Harris snharris99 at live.com
Thu Dec 22 21:26:19 UTC 2011

> > I currently have a TiVo HD, recording over the air HD content.  Output
> > to an analog NTSC video modulator so all TVs in the house can watch
> > the tivo content on channel 63.  However, it's not HD and as we look
> > at upgrading our TVs, simply replacing the NTSC analog modulator with
> > a HD ATSC video modulator is a expensive proposition.
> >
> >I'm considering the alternative of automatedly fetching the videos
> >from the Tivo to a linux machine, and "inserting" them into a mythTV
> Seems like it would be a lot easier and simpler, if your recordings
> are OTA, to just to by an HDHomerun, let MythTV record the shows
> directly and call it a day. The scheduler is far better than anything
> you get in a Tivo anyway. Why the extra complication?

I'd have to second that one.  Why go to all the work setting up a full feature PVR system, then skirt it and compound the work/complication 10 fold simply to keep utilizing an under featured PVR (if it wasn't you wouldn't be trying to go down this road) one?
If you're worried about losing existing recordings, simply move them to a MythVideo storage directory (I'm assuming you can from your original post) and the use MythTV for all recordings going forward.
I'll also second the HDHomeRun. 		 	   		  

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