[mythtv-users] Install Mythbuntu with RAID 1 (Software)

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Thu Dec 15 14:15:18 UTC 2011

Ziegaus Matthias wrote:
> Well, the setup i have are 2 x  1 TB Hdd.
> And i wanted to mirror 1 to the other.
> So i would end up having the OS and the recordings on the same hdds.
> I would use different partitions if that does work with RAID.

I just went through this.  If you use the straight MythBuntu live CD, you can't install RAID at the same time...it's based on the regular Ubuntu install CD.
You can migrate your drive to a RAID setup (you basically install it on one drive and then set up a crippled RAID1 setup using the 2nd drive and copy everything over and set up grub and fstab to boot off it).  I've done this before w/ a Debian setup, but for some reason, when I tried it w/ Mythbuntu, all I got was a useless black boot screen (turned on all debug info and it looked like grub loaded vmlinux and went black after that)-:  I spent way too much time trying to debug this.  I documented this in the Mythbuntu forums.

The *much* better way to do the install is just use the Ubuntu Server or Alternative CDs which *do* have support for mdraid and lvm at install time.  Then install Mythbuntu on top of this.  I did this and it took less time to do this than debug the failed migration :-P

I have mdraid1 /boot, and mdraid1/lvm for /root, etc.  The Myth data partitions are btrfs which has features similar to mdraid and lvm but in a single file system, but writing small files is *really* slow right now.

Hope that helps...
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