[mythtv-users] howto record shows for more 10 minutes ahead of schedule and 30 mins after

Rob Verduijn rob.verduijn at gmail.com
Wed Dec 14 08:50:22 UTC 2011

Hello all,

I've got a couple of tv stations here in the netherlands who consider there
tv programming guide an estimate of when to start a show.
I've heard that this is not uncommon with commercial tv stations, this way
they hope to get you to start watching early and see even more commercial
trash or show you don't care about.

So I started using the record early option and late which are maxed at -10
and +30 in the gui.
Since the tv stations that I wish to record take a very liberal aproach to
the programming schedule these default max times are just not enough.
Now I got plenty of harddisk space (lucky me I bought them before the
prices got launched into orbit)  I simply wish to add an hour before and
(I wish this was a joke, no seriously 30 mins just isn't enough)
Via the mythweb page I can fill in anything that I like, but this seems
bugged since if I fill in more than 10 minutes the show starts later than
the programmed schedule in stead of earlyer.

Does anybody know how to explain to myth to start waaaaaaaay ahead of
schedule (more than 10 mins) and the same time after the scheduled end.
I don't mind firing up phpmyadmin or the good old 'mysql -u mythtv -p' just
as long as I can edit those schedules to start even more ahead of time.
I'll worry about the disk space consumption..just gotta cut those
commercials and extended recordings more often.

Rob Verduijn
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