[mythtv-users] Coming back to Myth : a few questions

Kris B. krisbee at krisbee.com
Sun Dec 11 13:30:34 UTC 2011

> - Fair point, turning off the machine is certainly the best way of
> saving energy! I like the idea of having it shut down at night, as I
> won't be wanting to use MythWeb then. Ideally I guess it could use a
> way of shutting down at night *if* there's no scheduled recording, and
> if there is a scheduled recording shutting down after that's happened.
> Once I get into building this I'll have a look in the wiki and see how
> much of this has already been solved :-)

If you look in the wiki, there are guides to actually rewake your
machine when there is a recording and then put it to sleep, so you have
plenty of options.
  Kris B.
  krisbee at krisbee.com

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