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On Wed, 31 Aug 2011 10:05 -0400, "Quinten Steenhuis"
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I would consider it if I could meet my price point ($150) or
close to it. I can get an RMA for the motherboard to make it a
backend without worrying about the HDMI output or video card, so
I guess that would just require a $150 frontend. Does this exist?

Oh sure, I picked up a used HP 7100 (you can do better) and a
half height svideo/DVI GeForce 8400 for $100 shipped.  Came with
memory, HD, everything.  Off lease, works fine and is now my
front end (backend is my house server/main computer in the other
room).  A bit big (small form factor, sizewise about the same as
an old vcr), but I have it hidden in the tv stand, so it doesn't
bother me a bit.

I only have an SD TV right now (use the svideo which looks
great), but the DVI will convert to an HDMI plug, with digital
audio, I believe, since there is an audio input on the Geforce

Loaded mythbuntu on it, no problems.  Ready to upgrade when I
need to.  The wireless keyboard was another $30 (went with an old
school IR airboard so I can use a learning remote in the future.)

There are always deals out there - but you can build from scratch
if you would like as well.

--Kris B.
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