[mythtv-users] Best way to integrate a Netflix feed into Myth ?

Brian J. Murrell brian at interlinx.bc.ca
Tue Aug 23 20:06:19 UTC 2011

On 11-08-23 03:30 PM, Raymond Wagner wrote:
> There are two issues in play here.  First, DVDs are something that you 
> have purchased and own.

AFAIU, DVDs are "licensed content" under the conditions of the license,
which != own.

> There are clauses in the DMCA for unauthorized 
> decryption on the part of the owner for the purposes of compatibility.  

AFAIU, "format shifting" was specifically denied as a DMCA exception.

> This puts DVD ripping on the part of the consumer in a bit of a gray 
> area between seemingly conflicting clauses.

I think the specific denial for format-shifting makes that not-so-grey.

> The second issue, is one of intent.  The vast majority of people ripping 
> DVDs are doing so against their own legally purchased media library.

OK.  Let's go with that for illustrative purposes.

> Sure, there are users who rent content from Blockbuster or Netflix or 
> Redbox and illegally duplicate it, but they are rare.

But you are talking about "intent" here, so I would submit that if I
rent a DVD and just don't have time to watch it and rip it and then
return it and then watch the rip and then delete it, my intent is pure.

> Surely no one 
> could be so ignorant as to think that is actually legal,

But you steered this part of comments to "intent", not legality so let's
not mix them.

> Meanwhile, the vast majority of people using softcams are doing so to 
> illegally access satellite networks.

Says you.  You don't think there is a community of people who just want
to avoid the stack of STBs and IR blasters and analog-to-digital capture

> Call it a double standard if you want, but the fact is that is the 
> stance we have decided to take as a project.  We will go thus far in 
> enabling legitimate fair use and no further.  We simply ask that you 
> respect the decisions of this project, and take discussion of the 
> contrary to other forums.

Sure.  I'm not arguing the decision to keep legally-black and
legally-grey discussion off of the list.  I am just questioning what
appears to be a double-standard.


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