[mythtv-users] Master: In progress recordings being removed as duplicates of themselves?

Michael T. Dean mtdean at thirdcontact.com
Sat Aug 20 16:48:45 UTC 2011

On 08/20/2011 12:38 PM, Christopher Kerr wrote:
> Checked the script, it's definitely supposed to be logging to
> /var/log/mythtv/mythbackend.log. It also definitely isn't.
> I tried starting mythbackend from the command line with the --logfile switch
> - should I expect to see errors in the console if there are file permission
> problems?

Yeah, I'm guessing you would.  I'll check to make sure a bit later.

And, FWIW, on master, you shouldn't be using --logfile /path/to/file .  
You should be using --logpath /path/to/directory (or -l 
/path/to/directory).  I will likely remove --logfile (and remove the 
code that allows --logpath/-l to accept a file path), forcing you to 
specify a logging directory (just making sure stakeholders are OK with 
the change).  If you specify a log file, then /only/ mythbackend logging 
is written to disk.  All logging from child processes (mythtranscode, 
mythpreviewgen, mythmetadatalookup, ...) is discarded because you 
haven't given us permission to write to other log files.

See, also, 
http://www.mythtv.org/wiki/Category:Syslog_Configuration_Files for 
another approach to logging in master.

Unfortunately, though, I don't have any other guesses on what could be 
causing the issues with recordings.  I hope you can get the logs working 
so we can get more information.

I'm guessing the following would work:

sudo chown -R mythtv:mythtv /var/log/mythtv &&
sudo chmod 775 /var/log/mythtv &&
sudo chmod 664 /var/log/mythtv/*.log

for fixing permissions (though I'm not sure how your system is 
configured, so you may have to change user/group name or something).


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