[mythtv-users] udev help

Tim Draper veehexx at gmail.com
Mon Aug 15 11:33:13 UTC 2011

i have 2 different tuners and upon reboot of the mythtv PC, the TV cards
loose their /dev/dvb/ assignment and i end up with a DVB-S2 config on a
DVB-T card.
i have to enter mythtv-setup to wipe the devices, readd them, and then
re-attach the scan data. only takes 5 mins, but it's a big annoyance.

i found a wiki document (
http://www.mythtv.org/wiki/Device_Filenames_and_udev), and i have each cards

however i'm now very confused about what im doing next!
one section in that wiki article, says *KERNEL=="video[0-9]*", *and the next
section says *SUBSYSTEM=="dvb",

*how do i know what i need to add to the udev rules file?

all my cards are DVB cards (DVB-S2 has 2 inputs, DVB-T has 1 input), so i
suspect i need to be using the SUBSYSTEM filters and not the KERNEL ones?
will i need 3 rules, 1 for each input, or can i just limit to the driver
files (cx23885, and cx88*)?

i understand what the aim is an why im doing it, but i am confused about
which bits go where!
thanks for any help!
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