[mythtv-users] How is the stability and WAF of the master branch doing?

Neil Salstrom salstrom at gmail.com
Sun Aug 14 14:45:46 UTC 2011

I've been toying with the idea of moving to the master branch (or
v0.25pre as github shows it) because of some repeated issues I've been
having with 0.24.1-fixes.  A majority of the new DVD's I get don't
play correctly (menu issues, dumping to the frontend during playback)
and now for some reason the front end is really unresponsive (press a
remote button and it will lag about 3 seconds before slowly
transitioning to the next menu or trying to play a .iso DVD from
mythvideo will hang about 20 seconds before playing).

I compile mythtv myself from git and my pull yesterday didn't fix any
of these issues.  A few weeks ago I totally reinstalled Debian testing
to see if that would help things.  These issues seemed to crop up in
the past few months so I'm now compiling the packaged source of -fixes
from the main mythtv website to see if the older version is a bit

That being said, how is master doing in terms of stability?  Is anyone
running on their main day-to-day system and still has a happy family?
If I could get a stable system I think I'd not touch it and let it be
until v0.25 is released...


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