[mythtv-users] Test drives with hdparm

Tim Draper veehexx at gmail.com
Fri Aug 12 12:53:54 UTC 2011

after reading alot of replies in this thread, it seems lots of people are
putting it down to a mythtv specific issue - i havent seen anything to say

Josu - have you tried tests outside of mythtv yet?
i personally use UBCD (ultimate boot CD), and would go through both
memtest86, and one of the HDD tests - i use MHDD, but it's very reliant on
bios HDD setup (must be set to ata/pata/sata compatible - raid/achi do not
work), and then use F4 todo a surface scan which will show speed and any bad
sectors it finds.

i did notice the odd freeze of mythtv a month or 2 ago, but i have since
updated my mythtv install (0.24.1 branch) which seems to of fixed the micro

fwiw, im on a core2duo, single channel RAM, FE/BE system on a 500gb 16mb
cache drive.
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