[mythtv-users] Mac Mini - OS X Lion Server 10.7, HDHomeRun no EIT/EPG Data

Richard Ferrara richard at ferrara.net.au
Fri Aug 12 08:20:50 UTC 2011

Hi guys, thanks for the quick response.

The Mac Mini front end works fine when connected to my Linux backend, receives over the air EIT data fine and watches TV fine. Also displays Over the Air EIT fine when I import the database from Linux backend to Mac Mini backend and connect Mac Mini FrontEnd to Mac Mini Backend.

It just seems that MythBackend on the Mac Mini is not scraping over the air EIT (which I know is there) properly and inserting it into the program table of mythconverg.

I am running 0.24

On 12/08/2011, at 5:06 PM, Simon Hobson wrote:

> scram69 wrote:
>> Are you attempting to watch Live TV?  AFAIK, Live TV has never worked
>> properly on the Mac Frontend even with a Linux backend.
> Now I find out <slaps head>
> Actually I found it mostly worked for me when I was running 0.21, but 
> mostly doesn't now I've upgraded to 0.24. Under 0.21 I'd find it was 
> generally fine as long as I didn't tune to an off-air channel at 
> which point it would "throw a wobbly" and eventually quit.
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