[mythtv-users] Mac Mini - OS X Lion Server 10.7, HDHomeRun no EIT/EPG Data

Simon Hobson linux at thehobsons.co.uk
Fri Aug 12 07:06:20 UTC 2011

scram69 wrote:
>Are you attempting to watch Live TV?  AFAIK, Live TV has never worked
>properly on the Mac Frontend even with a Linux backend.

Now I find out <slaps head>

Actually I found it mostly worked for me when I was running 0.21, but 
mostly doesn't now I've upgraded to 0.24. Under 0.21 I'd find it was 
generally fine as long as I didn't tune to an off-air channel at 
which point it would "throw a wobbly" and eventually quit.

Simon Hobson

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