[mythtv-users] Long time Mythwelcome bugs?

Paul Harrison mythtv at sky.com
Fri Aug 12 08:09:01 UTC 2011

On 8/12/11, Craig Huff <huffcslists at gmail.com> wrote:
> You're missing somethings. ;-)
> 1) You don't have to start the frontend in order for something to be
> recorded.
> 2)  Sounds like you don't have myth set up correctly to check before it
> shuts down. Not at home, so I can't be more specific, but there's a setup
> option to specify a program to run to check whether to shutdown or not. The
> program - shutdowncheck? - honors the lock as well a recognizing when a
> recording is active (and IIRC, some other things too). In my case,  I wanted
> to expand on this, so I call my own shell script which calls that program
> and does other tests before returning the appropriate value to signal
> whether to stay up or shutdown.
> Craig.

As Craig says you're missing something :)

To prevent MythWelcome starting the FE when it automatically start to
record something you just need to make sure that mythshutdown
--setwakeup $time has been called before the BE shuts down. You
usually do that by setting the 'Set wakeup time command' to
'mythshutdown --setwakeup $time' but if you use your own script you
need to make sure your script calls it instead.

For the lock problem it sounds like you need to set the 'Pre shutdown
check' command to  'mythshutdown --check'. This will ensure the BE
wont shutdown if mythshutdown --lock has been called. It will also
prevent it shutting down if mythfilldatabase or mythcommflag is
running amount other things.

Paul H.

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