[mythtv-users] process for fixing Melbourne Australia tuning .. (Channel 9 and SBS problems)

sonofzev at iinet.net.au sonofzev at iinet.net.au
Thu Aug 11 07:50:11 UTC 2011

Hi All, 

Following all the emails from the previous few days. I thought I'd write a 
summary of the process to tune or fix tuning for Melbourne Australia. My process
uses shepherd as the listings grabber. It is not exact with regards to commands
issued as this may vary by distro. However, this process does not require manual
editing of the transports.   

The reason for this problem is some Australian local channels broadcast on offset
frequencies and at present the inbuilt Mythtv channel scanner doesn't accomodate
this - some tuners will work around this well, but many won't.. I've done a
search and there is a bug already reported (#9777)  

1. stop mythbackend
2. run dvbscan against the au-melbourne timezone to create a channels.conf file
3. start mythtv-setup
4. delete all channels from input group
5. scan using the import channels.conf feature
6. ensure all (dvb-t) tuners are pointed at this input group
7. stop mythtv-setup
8. start mythbackend
9. run mythfilldatabase
10. stop mythbackend
11. run ./shepherd --configure (assumes sheperd is already installed) 
12. start mythbackend
13. run mythfilldatabase 

This has worked extremely well for me after 2 years of frustration with the
tuning of my DVICO dual express card.. (but not the old Fusion Lite). I now have
the ability to record from 3 multiplexes/transports at one time but more 
importantly switching to channel 9 does not lock up the frontend from any of the

I hope this is useful to others out there :) 



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