[mythtv-users] MythTV dependencies and Ron's Ceton patch

Ronald Frazier ron at ronfrazier.net
Wed Aug 10 15:09:49 UTC 2011

It looks to me like maybe mythbuntu has an updated version of myth in
it's repository. When I created the patch, it looks like the version
was dated 20110416, but in those files I see it dated 20110802. So
what I think happened (and it's just a guess here, as I'm not an
expert at the fine details of package management):

In my mythbuntu instruction, I mentioned that the build process
created a bunch of packages, and I said you could try installing them
all if you want, but that I only installed 4 and everything seemed to
work. If you only installed those 4, then everything else (the
packages for mythmusic, mythgallery, etc) remained at their default
version. Now that apt sees newer versions of everything, it probably
wants to update all of those other components, but doesn't want to
update the ones that you replaced, probably because it doesn't
recognize those versions, and thus doesn't know how to update them.

So I'm not sure what the correct course of action here would be. You
could probably run "apt-get -f install" as it suggests, to force the
updates. You might then have mismatched versions of the myth
libraries. I'm betting there's actually a new version of the myth code
available (looks like they switched from 0.24-0 to 0.24-1), and if you
forced those updates and then rebuilt the newer version of myth and
installed the updated packages you'd be back on solid ground. I'm not
absolutely positive though.

If anyone else here knows a bit more about package management, perhaps
they could chime in.

Otherwise, if you are shy about experimenting, I could take a look
into it tonight. I've got my mythbuntu test system running in a VM, so
I can take a snapshot, mess with it, and then revert if it doesn't
work right.

Ron Frazier

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