[mythtv-users] unable to add new channels from Schedules Direct lineup

Ronald Frazier ron at ronfrazier.net
Wed Aug 10 14:27:57 UTC 2011

> That work, though it didn't seem to work until I swapped the Prime input
> source with the HD-PVR input source.  Just assigning the Prime input
> source to the HD-PVR so that it was shared by both recorders and
> grabbing the channels from the input connection page for the HD-PVR
> didn't seem like it was working.

I'm not surprised it didn't work that way. When it tries to figure out
what type of card the source is connected to, it just queries the
database and grabs whatever the first result was. So if it's connected
to 2 cards, and the first of the 2 returned happens to be your HDHR,
then no matter what input page you are calling it from, it's going to
think it's a regular HDHR and not update.

> This workaround wouldn't be possible for someone whose only recorder is
> a Prime with a CableCard.

What you would do is create a new recorder using the Demo Recorder
option, fetch the channels, then delete the recorder. As least I
assume that would work.

Or, I just found another way around it. Looking at the code, it
appears there is an undocumented --cardtype flag you can pass it to
tell it what type of card to update for. Looking through the code, it
appears the value you'd want to pass would be one of FIREWIRE, HDPVR,
IMPORT, and DEMO. So (without actually trying it) my guess is you
could do

mythfilldatabase --sourceidid <your source id> --cardtype DEMO

and it would work. The only trick is getting the numeric sourceid for
your source. I don't think there are any pages that display it, so
you'd have to peek in the database to see it. Or maybe you could click
the fetch button and then quickly try to do a ps -ef | grep
mythfilldatabase and see what sourceid it was called with.

Ron Frazier

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