[mythtv-users] australian channel tuning conflicts

sonofzev at iinet.net.au sonofzev at iinet.net.au
Mon Aug 8 06:42:08 UTC 2011


I'm wondering if there are any australians (hopefully from Melbourne) who may
have encountered the following problem and maybe even have a solution.. I'm using
this as a last ditch effort before going back to the v4l/kernel list

I have 2 different cards on my mythbackend, 

1. DVICO Fusion Lite (bt878 based PCI card)
2. DVICO Fusion Dual Express ( cx23885 PCI express dual card --- version 1) 

The backend is 0.24.1 from July (gentoo ebuild from overlay) 

I have had no end of trouble with channel 9 and SBS on the dual express tuner
(express).. I thought it was reception but after reading a post somewhere I tried
setting up a new input group and rescanning using that tuner.. 

What I found was a completely different channel number for the nine network

on the express they are 

1072 - NINE Digital
1073 - GEM 
1074 - GO!
789 - SBSHD
785 - SBS 1
786 - SBS 2

but on the lite they are 

9 - NINE Digital
99 - GEM 
90 - GO!
30 - SBSHD
3 - SBS 1
32 - SBS 2

The channels are completely stable on the fusion lite.. but I'm not convinced
they are stable on the express but at least I have been able to get reception
with these new numbers... 

Basically this doesn't really seem right.. is there something I've done

Furthermore.. using the shepherd listings grabber, the items don't populate for
those channels above on the express.. I have posted the shepherd list. 



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