[mythtv-users] mythmusic doesn't display embedded album art in flac files

Raymond Wagner raymond at wagnerrp.com
Wed Aug 3 18:53:31 UTC 2011

On Wed, 3 Aug 2011 12:47:51 -0500, James Oltman <cnlibmyth at gmail.com>
> My question is (and this is by no means a criticism), why do you want to
> use the embedded album art?  I have found that in order to get a decent
> picture on my 1080p screen, I need to have VERY large album art.  In the
> +500KB range.  Then I'd have to attach that image to EVERY song.
>  That's just multiplying the storage of that one image at least 10 times
> (assuming a whole album).

He's talking FLAC, around 20MB for a song and 250MB for a full album.  An
extra 500KB per song is fairly inconsequential, especially when considering
the several terabytes of storage people have laying around for recordings
and video, and is a nice convenience to make the content portable.

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