[mythtv-users] mythmusic doesn't display embedded album art in flac files

Thomas Boehm mythtv-users at lists.boehmi.net
Wed Aug 3 14:39:46 UTC 2011

Hi list,

I'm using mythtv 0.24+fixes and noticed that mythmusic doesn't display
embedded album art from flac files. It works fine with mp3's though.

To tag the flac's I used Easytag and read the comments in the wiki about
letting Easytag change the file date in order for mythmusic to pick up
the changes at the next scan. I also enabled writing ID3 tags to the
flac files in EasyTag. If I put a cover.jpg in the folder it displays in

Is there a way around it? I would like to use the embedded album art. If
it isn't possible (yet?), does anybody know a tool which can extract the
album art for a whole folder tree?


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