[mythtv-users] Backend setup for win-hvr-950Q

Mark Lord mythtv at rtr.ca
Wed Aug 3 11:22:03 UTC 2011

On 11-08-01 02:45 PM, Barry Fawthrop wrote:
> It now sees the Card: Aivutek au8522
> When scanning I get a number lines like
> QAM-256 Channel 124 -- Timed out, 4 possible channels
> Program 1221, Encrypted
> Program 1447, Encrypted
> Program 2194, Encrypted
> Program 2354, Encrypted
> QAM-256 Channel 125 -- Timed out, 4 possible channels
> Program 1271, Encrypted
> Program 1443, Encrypted
> Program 2109, Encrypted
> ...
> ...
> Not looking very promising with all the Timed out ??

Nothing wrong with "timed out" there -- it's just a peculiar message
that doesn't seem to have any relevance to anything we care about.

> Then ran mythfilldatabase --refresh-all
> Now when I open the frontend and select Watch TV
> I get the TV guide and in the top right corner a picture
> When I down arrow to a channel I want it highlights it but the little picture
> goes blank
> and looks hung can't change channels more select nothing .....

Dunno.  I don't use the EPG to watch liveTV here.
This part could be a playback issue, which in mythtv
is totally 100% independent of the tuner device.

Instead of trying to watch liveTV, just tell mythtv to record something.
Then go to the media --> recordings menu, and try to play it.
Little steps here..  :)

> Side Question What is the best Analog and digital card that works with Myth ?

There aren't any (some work, but all seem to have issues with analog).

> and just how good it the hvr-950Q with myth ?

Totally excellent, as a digital tuner.  Awful as an analog tuner (mythtv only).


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