[mythtv-users] MythMetadataLookup questions

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Tue Aug 2 07:24:30 UTC 2011

raptor jr wrote:

> 2. I have never and will never manipulate the database manually. If 
> something is wrong in the database, it is either MythTV or MySQL that 
> has done something wrong.

I was the one who manipulated the database.  Sorry for getting you 
implicated.  It was done after I was experiencing the issues as a means 
to attempt to figure out what was going on.  Sue me for trying to learn 
a little bit.  I stare at code all day, so am more inclined to tinker 
rather than dig in while at home.  By the way, I always do a backup 
before I tinker and restore once I am done.

I am a bit concerned about the inetref being tied to recording rules. 
As I had mentioned, I use power searches for most everything.  Some of 
my rules actually trigger two or three different shows.

There are sporting events as well which will not have an inetref.  With 
the previous solution, I was able to save a jpg with a name that matched 
the generic title for the basketball games I record and was able to have 
artwork 100% of the time.  I'm not sure how this use case will work with 
the new system.  Same goes for some local shows I record which 
thetvdb.com knows nothing about.  Having an interface to select artwork 
from a local file and link it to a title would work, but it appears the 
inetref is used as the index.

For the record, I am using Schedules Direct for all my listings data and 
having these issues.  The fully automated parts of the new solution has 
had about a 40% success rate for me.  I will admit that I am stuck in my 
ways of not wanting to switch themes to do the manual lookups (I stopped 
playing with different themes after the theme cache was fixed at two). 
I was very honest about what I had and had not done.  I was not asking 
for help, I was merely attempting to add some data to the conversation 
as it appeared that it was being dismissed as implausible.  I think 
these changes can be a major upgrade if the kinks can just get worked 
out (if it can be admitted there are kinks without hasty commits 
disabling automation and snide remarks in the commit log).

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