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Christopher Kerr mythtv at theseekerr.com
Mon Aug 1 10:52:07 UTC 2011

On Mon, Aug 1, 2011 at 7:25 PM, raptor jr <raptorjr at hotmail.com> wrote:

>  >In the other replies to this thread, there's a combination of manual
> >manipulation of the database, lack of information, lack of following
> >the steps outlined above, and lack of willingness to use the parts of
> >the code that make it all work. In those cases, I am convinced that
> >the database values are so compromised by these mistakes that I cannot
> >offer any additional assistance-- I'm also not inclined to try as my
> >last detailed response yielded some pretty extreme overreaction.
> 1. Robert, have you even read the examples i wrote in my last reply? In
> what step have i failed to follow your directions? I did each step in those
> examples, for you to be able to point out what i've done wrong.
> 2. I have never and will never manipulate the database manually. If
> something is wrong in the database, it is either MythTV or MySQL that has
> done something wrong.
> 3. For every movie, even if the title is in swedish or english, the inetref
> is found automatically if i manually go to the Metadata Options screen. And
> even if i save that setting, i don't get any artwork. And for Sweeny Todd
> the inetref dont get copied to the recording.
> 4. For series, the interef is found automatically in the same way as
> above(except for swedish titles. why don't movies and series work in the
> same way?) But still, no artwork. And for Scrubs i cant even select the
> right inetref from the serarchlist.
> Anyway, if you accuse me of manipulating the database, not reading the
> wiki, not following your instructions i think i'm entitled to be a little
> upset because i have done noting but reading the wiki and reading your
> instructions and following them as good as i can. And please if there is any
> step in my examples that i have misunderstood, point it out to me so i can
> make it right.
> Regarding the frontend language and the language for the titles of
> recordings the automation would only work for people who live in a country
> where there is a complete translation of MythTV. For languages with a
> incomplete translation where the user uses english instead it wont work. One
> solution to this would be to use the guide data language as a fallback, a
> setting that is on the same page where you set the language for the
> frontend. I guess that atleast the most of the people that have guide data
> is using a guide data provider in their own language. Atleast it would make
> MML work automatic for more people.
> Artwork is cool, and in the end this will work. Because i know there will
> be many more than me with this problems when 0.25 goes live. And if Robert
> wont talk to me to try to find the problem we can only hope some other user
> are in more luck.
> /Stefan


I think there's some simple misunderstandings occurring here simply because
your posts are hard to read.

The main problem is simply sentence length. You write long sentences. Since
some sentences include several grammatical errors, it can be hard to keep
track of what the sentence is about whilst applying the necessary mental

Additionally: Perhaps you could consider using MythCenter-Wide whilst
troubleshooting this issue? It should include all the necessary screens, and
works pretty much the same way as Blue-Abstract-Wide.

- Chris
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