[mythtv-users] Comcast CableCard Info

Justin Johnson justin.johnson3 at gmail.com
Tue Aug 2 00:08:59 UTC 2011

On Wed, Jul 27, 2011 at 1:10 PM, Don Lewis <dl-mythtv at catspoiler.org> wrote:
> On 27 Jul, Patrick Oglesby wrote:
>> I went to my local office yesterday to swap my old STB for a M-Card.
>> Luckily, the lady behind the desk just read up on some training
>> material that morning and knew what I was talking about.  She didn't
>> have the self-install "kit", but just gave me a card in a plastic
>> case, no prior provisioning or staging that she was aware of.
>> I put the card into my Ceton and booted up.  The CableCard allowed the
>> channel map to be loaded very quickly, but of course the card was not
>> able to tune anything.  The diagnostic web page simply gave me the
>> (888)-COM-CAST number to call to activate.  After getting to an actual
>> person, I told them I wanted to activate my CableCard for a ONE-WAY
>> device.  Apparently, if you don't mention this, they might send a
>> different signal for something like a TiVo, which is a two-way device.
>>  I had to read off my CableCard ID, Host ID, and Data numbers.
>> Shortly after that, I had a working stream through MPlayer, and I
>> could just enter a channel number on the web page to change the
>> channel.
> The "kit" that I got from Comcast consisted of the card in a plastic
> case, just like you got, along with two, largely similar, photocopied
> pages of instructions, one for TiVo and one for other (TV) devices.  The
> instructions basically told how to plug in the card and had blank spaces
> where you can write down the three pieces of data that you need to phone
> in to Comcast.
> Still waiting for my Prime ...

Just thought I'd give my experience after calling ComCast this
evening. I put in the local office's number, mostly to see if I could
just pick up a CC, but of course it was after hours, so I got
redirected to the national line. When I got through to a CSR, I told
her that I wanted to know more about getting a CC. She asked if it was
for a TiVo. I said yes, just to avoid any confusion. I told her that I
didn't have it yet, I just wanted to find out how to get one. She said
that when I got the TiVo I should call back and they could mail one,
or I could opt for "professional" installation. I asked if she could
just go ahead and mail one out anyways (I'm expecting my Prime to ship
RealSoonNow(TM)). She asked if it needed to be dual-tuner and I
responded that I needed an M-Card. She then said that it would take
3-5 days and would arrive via UPS.
That was it, extremely quick and easy. I'm in the Atlanta area if it
makes any difference.
I forgot to ask if it would cost anything extra, she didn't mention
that it would. If I don't see anything on my bill, then I'm planning
to keep my single STB and HD-PVR as an additional tuner.

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