[mythtv-users] Backend setup for win-hvr-950Q

Barry Fawthrop barry at trumpetsoftruth.com
Mon Aug 1 00:27:27 UTC 2011

On 07/31/2011 07:09 PM, Mark Lord wrote:
> No, that thread doesn't refer to my earlier "how-to" stuff.
> But still, the digital side (what you want) ought to be really easy.
> Your kernel boot log shows the driver being loaded, and the firmware
> being successfully sent to the card on first use.  And it takes 5-seconds
> as expected, so that is all good.
> Is this the first time you've ever tried to configure a digital tuner
> in mythtv?
> It should be as simple as going to "add tune" in mythtv-setup,
> selecting "DVB" as the type, and accepting the defaults for everything.
> Then go to "input connections" (or whatever it's called) and there
> associate a "channel source" with the tuner.
> Then mythfilldatabase --refresh-all,
> and Bob's your uncle!  :)
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Yes this is the first time
sadly I can't get digital or analog to work with MythTV
just a blank screen everytime I try to watch TV
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